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back to the mountain

This year the KMSA will be making
8 trips to Smoky Mountain Speedway.
What a great place to race. If you
have never been you do not want
to miss going!


The 2018 Mini Stock Nationals

Plans are underway for the 2018 2nd Annual
Mini Stock Nationals at the Batesville Motor
Speedway in Batesville, AR. Stay tuned for updates!


The KMSA Nation would like for our fans to meet our members so you will know them by name the next time you see one. Please click on the Drivers link.





Smoky Mountain





I am working on the driver's profiles but it is a long and time consuming project. If you don't see your profile on there yet it is coming just hang on.

 Next Up


Thursday through Saturday
September 20th through thr 22nd
(Thursday Practice Only)